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GLP residue trials

G2 Ag Research operates in EPA Regions 11 and 9 for conducting GLP field trials in compliance with Good Laboratory Practice Standards. We have the capabilities and high performance standards to execute these trials in the field and provide the customer with an accurate field trial notebook in a timely fashion. G2 Ag Research contracts to experienced independent Quality Assurance Consultants for on-site audits as wells as annual inspections of the GLP compliant SOP's.  

GLP Residue Trials

Biotech and Regulated Crops

G2 Ag Research has the experience to conduct regulated trials to test for agronomic performance, protein expression, composition, and bulk production of regulated crops. We are experienced with all phases of APHIS and EPA compliance of regulated trials. We specialize in maintaining 

regulatory compliance,

stewardship, and



Performance and Efficacy Trials

G2 Ag Research has experience conducting herbicide tolerant, efficacy, large scale strip plots, and varietal trials. We can work with you to develop a protocol to obtain the best information from our trial sites. In Idaho Falls our farm has over 750 acres with multiple crop rotations and irrigation systems to achieve different soil moisture regimes. Our vast capabilities create a unique opportunity for our customers.

Potato variety trials

Nursery, Seed, Grain Increases

At G2 Ag Research, there is no task too small or too big. We have the experience, equipment, and resources to conduct small scale nursery increases, selfing bags, or larger scale grain increases for specialty projects. Quality is our #1 priority as well as ensuring Identity Preservation for our customers.

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