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Quality Assurance:

G2 Ag Research maintains a compliant GLP facility. We utilize two different independent Quality Assurance Auditors to ensure studies are conducted with strict adherence and that our internal SOP's and related documents are current.

  1. Local QA:

    • GLP Facility Audits

    • Critical phase audits (applications, sampling)

    • Field Trial Notebook audits

  2. QAU Consultant:

    • Subject matter expert that ensures the Test Site QAU processes and procedures are sufficient to be in compliance with GLP standards. Includes annual reviews of:

      • SOP's

      • Facility and Equipment documentation

      • Personnel and Training records

      • Forms/Logs

Together this team has decades of QA experience in GLP and Agricultural Research. They are members of the NAICC and attend numerous GLP training seminars each year.

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