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Idaho Falls, Idaho:

Our home base is conveniently located just west of Idaho Falls, ID in the highly productive soils of the New Sweden area. Here there are over 750 acres available for research with irrigation technologies ranging from pivots, wheel-lines, solid set hand-lines, and drip irrigation. We can also perform simulated chemigation studies on small, replicated plots. For projects requiring additional isolation and monitoring requirements,  additional acreage is available to the West, North, and South.


In addition to multiple trial sites, we also have a large shop facility with designated seed (regulated, and non-regulated) and chemical (test substance and maintenance) storage areas. The shop is locked and secured at all times and temperature controlled with climate monitoring capabilities inside all storage area's. 

2022 drone pic.JPG

Western Montana:

Recently we expanded our field research capabilities to Western Montana to increase our geographical spread and environmental ranges. The trial sites are more specifically located near Bozeman and Twin Bridges. Trails can be placed in irrigated or dryland production based off customers specific testing needs.   We make it a priority to visit these trials weekly or daily, if needed.

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